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Pre-order of Qmote has been closed since March 31st, 2016. We are currently working on the production of "Qmote S." Please stay tuned! We will be back with the exciting Qmote S soon!

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Development Kit
Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you
perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
Qmote Makers
JAN 26, 2015
written by Qblinks

We believe it is the people who make the product great. The core philosophy of our company culture is, “Be the Maker.” We have designed Qmote technology to enhance the everyday life of the consumer through better control of their smartphone and smart home. With your imagination, we believe that Qmote possesses nearly endless possibilities. As such, we want to equip you with the capability to explore what you can do with it. The Qmote Maker’s Module has all the functionality of a standard Qmote device, with the added feature of enhanced control input via UART with AT commands. The Maker's Module works with the same App and is also fully integrated with IFTTT.  With UART, Qmote functions easily in conjunction with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any other development board. Without any knowledge of Firmware or App programming, you can easily send messages regarding your project to any IFTTT-enabled Internet platform.

The Qmote Maker's Module is the only module which allows you to connect your gadget to various Internet platforms without a single piece of programming. It makes connecting your DIY projects to the Internet easy. Please explore some of our sample projects. If you come up with your own great DIY project and want to share it with everyone, please send it to us via support@qblinks.com.