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Development Kit
Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you
perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
Project 4: Mailbox Detector
SEP 14, 2015
written by Qblinks

When you are close by your household mailbox, you can be notified when there is mail delivered to your home. The act of depositing mail into the mailbox can be set to trigger without need of any additional cloud or app programming.

Material Used:

- Qmote Maker's Module
- Long Arm Toggle Switch
- 1.5V x 2 Battery Case

This probably the simplest Maker's project ever. Connect the wires and components as the illustration below.

Toggle ON the Long Arm Switch and hold it until it is added in the Qmote App.


You can also hook up the one-click pattern with IFTTT. For example, automatically turn on the HUE light when you have mails in the mailbox when you walk by it.