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Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you
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Project 2: The Weather Controlled Sprinkler
MAR 9, 2015
written by Qblinks

Using Arduino and an electronically-controlled water valve, you can now control your garden watering needs through the cloud. Following manual instructions from your Qmote, or based upon weather status updates from the Weather Channel, make sure your plants and lawn get just the right amount of water, without need of any additional cloud or app programming.



Material Used:


Arduino includes:
- Arduino Uno
- Arduino Ethernet Shield


Control Part includes:

- Dual-Pole, 5VDC coil voltage, Single-Throw with normal open or Dual-Throw relay
- Push Switch, normal open
- LED x 1
- 270 ohms resistor x 1
- 10K ohms resistor x 1
- Toro In-Line Electricity Water Valve

Build the relay module. Here is the circuit:



This relay module is used with the Arduino Uno and its Ethernet Shield. The module controls the Toro In-Line electricity water valve.


If you don’t want to do the soldering by yourself, you can choose the ready-to-use relay and button Shields. For example:
Relay Shield: http://www.dx.com/p/10a-ac-250v-dc-30v-relay-shield-module-for-arduino-diy-project-light-blue-280386
Button Shield: http://www.dx.com/p/push-button-switch-module-w-cap-for-arduino-157032

Simply do the following wiring:
Relay(+) -> Arduino-5V
Relay(-) -> Arduino-GND
Relay(S) -> Arduino-D5
Button(+) -> Arduino-A0
Button(-) -> Arduino-A1
Button(S) -> Arduino-A2

You can download the Arduino source code at the bottom of this post. Make sure you will change the network information and password in that code.


QmoteSprinkler.ino is for using with the DIY relay board.
QmoteSprinklerWithShields is for using with the ready-to-use relay and button shields. 


Connect your Arduino Ethernet shield with your router. You also need to setup the port forward so you can send the control from outside Internet to the Arduino, which is in your local network. The port number in the Arduino code used is port 80. You can use the other number as well if your port 80 has been occupied by something else. You may need to use dynamic DNS if your WAN has the dynamic address. 



Now, let's configure the IFTTT to trigger the sprinkler by different events.


Assume this Arduino can be accessed with the following information:


Internet address: mysprinkler.qblinks.com (this may be your Dynamic DNS)

Port Number: 80

Sprinkler Password: mypassword


When you choose the action, use the Qmote "Open an Internet connection" action.

Input the following parameters:

Destination URL: http://mysprinkler.qblinks.com/?pw=mypassword&water=10

Http Method: HEAD

Http Parameters: (Leave it blank)



You can use weather channel as the trigger event. Here is how:

Use Weather as the trigger channel



Choose "Today's weather report"



Choose the trigger time, say 6am



Choose Qmote channel



Choose "Open an Internet connection" action



Use the following information:


Input the following parameters:
Destination URL: http://mysprinkler.qblinks.com/?pw=mypassword&water=30&weather={{CurrentCondition}}

Http Method: HEAD

Http Parameters: (Leave it blank)


Thus, your sprinkler will be triggered everyday at 6 am only when the weather condition is Sunny or Cloudy, but not Rain or Showers.


Hope you like this Internet controlled water sprinkler system. One of the toughest part is the network configuration with Dynamic DNS and we are aware of that. So we are working on it to make that part real IoT friendly.


Stay Tuned!