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Development Kit
Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you
perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
Project 1: The Qmote Controlled Rover
MAR 4, 2015
written by Qblinks


In conjunction with the People Power Presence App and the SparkCore wifi module, think of this as your personal Martian Rover, controlled from afar and able to survey your home when you are not there, all through the power of the cloud. Use Qmote to control your Rover, and keep an eye on your home while you are away, and all this without the need of any additional cloud or app programming. Watch our demo video…





Material used:

- Qmote

- People Power Presence App

- Spark Core RC Car Kit (http://docs.spark.io/shields/ , scroll down to the project on the bottom page)

- An unused iPhone

- Phone stand


1. Install People Power's Presence App to your Smartphone and the unused iPhone. We will use it as the surveillance cam on the RC car.

2. Get the Spark Core RC car. Put the unused iPhone on the stand and stick it on the front of the RC car. You can download the Arduino ino file below.

3. We will use the IFTTT Qmote "Connect to an Internet Service" Action to control the RC car.

4. We will direct the RC car movement based on the request sent from IFTTT Qmote Channel. Since it takes a few seconds to trigger the action, we have programmed each movement to run for a few seconds and then stop. That is why we call it a "Rover" - it operates a lot like the rovers on Mars.

5. Set the following Qmote click patterns, one-click, two-click, three-click, four-click, to IFTTT.

6. Create recipes on IFTTT as:

Select “Qmote” from the Trigger Channel.


Choose “Press button” trigger.​


Select the predefined click-pattern that you have defined in the Qmote App.


Select “Qmote” in the Action Channel.


Choose “Connect to an Internet service” action.


Input the URL that you created with Spark Core API, use the “Post” method, and the parameters that instruct the car move forward. (Remember to change the api key and token to yours.)


Use the People Power Presence App to transmit the live video from the RC car to the smartphone in your hand, even if you are in a remote location. Each Qmote click-pattern will direct the car to move.


Enjoy the project!