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Development Kit
Qmote is an intuitive, single-button remote control which lets you
perform actions on your phone, even when it’s out of reach.
Qmote Makers
JAN 22, 2015
We believe it is the people who make the product great. The core philosophy of our company culture is, “Be the Maker.” We have designed Qmote technology to enhance the everyday life of the consumer through better control of their smartphone and smart home. With your imagination, we believe that Qmote possesses nearly endless possibilities. As such, we want to equip you with the capability to explore what you can do with it. The Qmote Maker’s Module has all the functionality of a standard Qmote device, with the added feature of enhanced control input via UART with AT commands. The Maker's Module works with the same App and is also fully integrated with IFTTT.  With UART, Qmote functions easily in conjunction with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any other development board. Without any knowledge of Firmware or App programming, you can easily send messages regarding your project to any IFTTT-e...
Project 1: The Qmote Controlled Rover
JAN 22, 2015
  In conjunction with the People Power Presence App and the SparkCore wifi module, think of this as your personal Martian Rover, controlled from afar and able to survey your home when you are not there, all through the power of the cloud. Use Qmote to control your Rover, and keep an eye on your home while you are away, and all this without the need of any additional cloud or app programming. Watch our demo video…         Material used: - Qmote - People Power Presence App - Spark Core RC Car Kit (http://docs.spark.io/shields/ , scroll down to the project on the bottom page) - An unused iPhone - Phone stand   1. Install People Power's Presence App to your Smartphone and the unused iPhone. We will use it as the surveillance cam on the RC car. 2. Get the Spark Core RC car. Put the unused iPhone on the stand and stick it on the front of the...
Project 2: The Weather Controlled Sprinkler
JAN 22, 2015
Using Arduino and an electronically-controlled water valve, you can now control your garden watering needs through the cloud. Following manual instructions from your Qmote, or based upon weather status updates from the Weather Channel, make sure your plants and lawn get just the right amount of water, without need of any additional cloud or app programming.     Material Used:   Arduino includes:
- Arduino Uno
- Arduino Ethernet Shield   Control Part includes: - Dual-Pole, 5VDC coil voltage, Single-Throw with normal open or Dual-Throw relay
- Push Switch, normal open
- LED x 1
- 270 ohms resistor x 1
- 10K ohms resistor x 1
- Toro In-Line Electricity Water Valve Build the relay module. Here is the circuit:     This relay module is used with the Arduino Uno and its Ethernet Shield. The module controls the...
Project 3: Ambient Temperature Logger on Dropbox
JAN 22, 2015
Using Arduino and an ambient temperature sensor, this project allows you to take ambient temperature and humidity readings at preset intervals, perhaps every 1 minutes, and then upload the record to Dropbox, Google Drive or other free cloud resource without need of any additional cloud or app programming. Material Used: Arduino includes:
- Qmote Maker's Module
- Arduino Uno or Arduino Pro Mini
- Sensirion SHT3x-DIS with breakout Arduino Library Used:
- AltSoftSerial (https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_AltSoftSerial.html)
- SHT3x library (https://github.com/winkj/arduino-sht) This demo project uses Sensirion SHT3x for a better accuracy. You could use different temperature/humidity sensor, for example, DHT11 or DHT21. SHT3x-DIS is using I2C bus, so A4/A5 ports of Arduino are used in this project. Qmote Maker's Module communicates with Arduino in...
Project 4: Mailbox Detector
JAN 22, 2015
When you are close by your household mailbox, you can be notified when there is mail delivered to your home. The act of depositing mail into the mailbox can be set to trigger without need of any additional cloud or app programming. Material Used: - Qmote Maker's Module
- Long Arm Toggle Switch
- 1.5V x 2 Battery Case This probably the simplest Maker's project ever. Connect the wires and components as the illustration below. Toggle ON the Long Arm Switch and hold it until it is added in the Qmote App. Done. You can also hook up the one-click pattern with IFTTT. For example, automatically turn on the HUE light when you have mails in the mailbox when you walk by it.